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CTO Entertainment “Check This Out Ent” is the brainchild of Timothy Armstrong and James Brown. When presented with a new product, whether music, food, clothing etc., what is the first thing you say to people “CHECK THIS OUT.” Working with one-of-a-kind artists & label owner like Berty Bert, Sirr Juan, HAPI & Vandyke Jay, CTO Entertainment is where music matters and is destined to be a breakthrough label. Timothy Armstrong started in event promoting over a decade ago, promoting events in Arizona & Las Vegas. James Brown was part owner and CEO of a Detroit based record label ‘MSIX” or Many Styles I Exhibit records performing with some of Detroit’s hottest Hip Hop artists. Berty Bert is not only a rap phenom but has also traveled in the US and overseas as a pure basketball talent. After an injury Berty Bert dedicated himself to mastering this beautiful thing called rap. We are music, we believe in an art form that crosses barriers and boundaries of various cultures bridging the relationships of people.

“Music Matters in everything we do” CTO ENTERTAINMENT “CHECK THIS OUT”

Meet The Team

James Brown

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Tim Armstrong

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Berty Bert

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